Upcoming Events

Nov 13, 2014Down Wind” movie at Victoria Playhouse Petrolia @ 7:00pm

Admission FREE.

Please plan to attend this movie about communities and people who are living with industrial turbines.

  1. Good to see this site. I hope it will include Brooke-Alvinston, Dawn and Euphemia too.

    What companies are interested in these townships?

    So far, other than Zephyr, I know about Mainstream of Dublin, Ireland, snooping around Brooke, Dawn, and maybe Enniskillen.

    website: http://www.mainstreamrp.com/our-projects/

    One area is near Shiloh, 2 west of Inwood
    another near Hwy 79 and Bentworth.

    I look forward to working with the group,

    James Wrightman

  2. James you need to get a group organized to get information out to residents in your area. Get information out by putting info in mail boxes. Warn them quickly before the wind people show up at their door.

  3. James get your community and council to declare that you are an unwilling host.
    Good luck!

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