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C.O.R.E “Trees not Turbines” exhibit at Petrolia Fair



CORE – Conservation of Rural Enniskillen

We are residents in Enniskillen Township protecting our land and our livelihood.  In recent years large energy companies have been aggressively pursuing land owners in the area in attempt to sell leases for IWT’s (Industrial Wind Turbines).  Much of the public is unaware that there are some serious drawbacks to IWT’s and CORE stands to make this known.


Oversize load driving through Wyoming


Sign at Bentpath and Cairo

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Construction Base of a Turbine

Construction Base of a Turbine

Do land lease holders, or those curious about it, envision what it will mean to their land?

IWT Fire

IWT Fire

There will be one less wind turbine in Ontario.
An overnight fire has destroyed the top portion of a wind turbine near Goderich.
The fire began around 2 a.m.
The wind farm operators aren’t certain what started the fire, but neighbours speculated it was a mechanical or electrical problem because the blaze started where all the gears and electronics are located.
Although the fire did not burn the turbine to the ground, it’s expected the turbine will have to be torn down for safety reasons

CORE Values