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Absurdities abound with rural water plan

It’s difficult to rule in isolation.

That can be the only conclusion from the latest incident between rural Ontario and those in charge of Ontario’s Green Energy Plan.How else to explain the almost embarrassing lack of understanding that the Green Energy people have about the potential impact of their decisions in parts of Ontario where wind turbines are to be developed? More


Ontario blows hot air on wind farm rivals

The Ontario government is spouting fiction when it says renewable energy projects it approves are welcomed in the communities in which they are to be developed.

People do have a veto; it’s called a vote

The recent spate of news this week confirms the sorry state of politics in this province.

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Ontario has awarded contracts for five more wind farms

Dutton-Dunwich was the one Ontario municipality that held a referendum on wind farms.

Even though 84 per cent of residents opposed wind turbines, the Elgin County municipality that hugs Lake Erie learned Thursday it will end up with them anyway under a process the government promised would give local sentiments a priority.


Wind turbines are unneccesary

Besides being unreliable, inefficient, unaffordable, unsightly and unwanted, wind turbines are also unnecessary. Many Ontarians are unaware the provincial government sold off surplus electricity to Michigan, New York and Quebec at a $1.1-billion loss for the first six months of this year.  Read more …..

Wind turbines unnecessary

WAIT-PW Residents Health Care Information Package

What to Do When Wind Turbines are Coming to Your Neighbourhood….

WAIT-PW Residents’ Health Care Information Package

Wind energy claim that it’s clean not true in Ontario context

If the provincial government continues to promote wind energy, as outlined in their 2013 Long Term Energy Plan, the increasing amounts of wind-generated electricity will cause CO2 emissions from Ontario’s electricity sector to double between 2016 and 2032. Read more…

CORE at Petrolia Fair

Members of the CORE group were in the Petrolia Fall Fair parade on Sep 12, 2015.CORE Banner

Enniskillen eyes fire suppression bylaw for wind turbines

Enniskillen Township is looking for ways to protect residents and firefighters if a wind energy project comes to the community. Read more …

Give ’em the silent treatment

Enniskillen Township residents should feel free to exercise their right to remain silent when wind energy companies come calling, says Mayor Kevin Marriott.

EDF EN Canada has reportedly been approaching residents and groups about its Churchill Wind Project proposal, a 100 to 150-MW wind farm it wants to build in Enniskillen and neighbouring Plympton-Wyoming.

Marriott said he turned down a request from the company to meet with township council, and urged others in the community to do the same.

“We’re unwilling hosts,” Marriott said. “We’re not interested, end of discussion.”

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